Hybrid Radiant & Fancoil System

The range of CLIMASET applications is enriched with the dual-circuit hybrid regulation, developed to adapt to any combination of radiant and fan coil.

What can be managed? 

  • Heating with radiant system,
  • Heating and cooling with Fancoil,
  • Call of the heat pump (also with double setpoint),
  • Management of a mixed circuit for the radiant,
  • Bathroom management (heating only area),
  • CMV air change management (also with free cooling function),
  • Fancoil fan speed management with (0 … 10Vdc signal or 3-speed control).
Example of a mixed radiant/fan coil system

Modularity and flexibility of the system

The electronic regulation is distributed on the field bus as follows:

  • Touch screen user terminal with sensor,
  • PCO Compact control card (6 DIN modules),
  • I/O expansion card (4 DIN modules),
  • Fancoil control card (4 DIN modules),
  • KTH ambient temperature sensors (compatible with the main civil series) and/or th-Tune temperature sensor
KTH sensor assembly
KTH Sensor
Wall KTH
Sensore th-tune
Th-tune sensor

System wiring is simplified with BUS connection (RS485 serial cable).

Remote management of the plant – pCOWeb

CLIMASET has developed web pages for controlling the regulation of hybrid systems. Thanks to a simple and intuitive graphic, at a glance you can:

  • view the system status,
  • view the operating status of the zones set on the pCO,
  • change the zone setpoints
  • change the management of time slots, off-road, etc.

These web pages are installed on the pCOWeb, a web server for the pCO with which the user can view through a browser the HTML pages dedicated to the application for the remote management
of the unit.

The pages are responsive, they werw developed thinking not only of PC browsing, but also of smartphones and tablets. You can customize the main logo of the screen with your logo or with the customer’s logo (instead of the CLIMASET logo).

The radiant pCOWeb control is perfectly compatible with the Plant Gate, the new CLIMASET system for remote plant management and remote assistance.

Touch screen terminal – pGDx

CLIMASET proposes the pGDX 4.3” for the complete user-side management of the Hybrid System. This new terminal, with a 65,000-color touch screen, can be wall mounted (recessed or external).

The pGDX can be equipped with bulti-in temperature and humidity sensors: this data can be sent to the pCO, using the touch as a zone probe.

The new version of the touch program has been redesigned from the graphical point, with larger keys and refurbished graphics for the main screens. Next to the pGDX, the status LED lights up with a different color depending on the season set and the presence or absence of active alarms; the pGDX background also changes color according to the season and the dark theme can also be activated.

The pGDX can also be used as a normal pGDN, thanks to the simulator present under the configuration branch.