Forget about trabel for assistance to a customer’s plant: remote access comes with PlantGate.

PlantGate is a CLIMASET Web Application that allows rapid remote access to plants equipped with pCOWeb, the pCO Sistema webserver card.

With PlantGate you can connect to your system WITHOUT the need to have a static IP, easily and securely from your remote device. Your system becomes a navigable website with any browser, from any device.

With PlantGate you can access the local devices safely for complete control of the plant: it is easy to read and modify the parameters of the devices/machines.

PlantGate gives greater security, because:

  • it lets you know if your system is always reachable (life signal management)
  • Forward to various users of alarm and / or report emails arriving from the site.
  • Allows you to update the software of your devices.

The security of navigation is guaranteed by the HTTPS protocol, the security of the customer’s network through the configuration of the router and firewall.

The graphic of the site is intuitive and optimized for tablets and smartphones to ensure a simple and immediate control of your system. PlantGate is also the perfect solution for professional tele-assistance from a PC.

Our CLIMASET Web-Application allows the possibility of access to users with different rights, organized in a pyramidal structure:

1) Reseller / OEM: Climaset customer
2) Installer: Reseller / OEM customer
3) User: customer owner of the plant

With the PlantGate there is the possibility of having a URL and a customized logo for each user (Reseller/OEM, Installer, customer owner of the system).