Hydronic Modular Radiant System

CLIMASET proposes the Hydronic Modular Radiant System that consists of three autonomous, modular and expandable regulations for the management of temperature, humidity and the production of domestic hot water in the environments in which we live and work.

The CLIMASET Hydronic Modular Radiant System consists of:

  • the regulation module for radiant heating / cooling control;
  • the solar thermal regulation module;
  • the air/water/geo heat pump regulation module with domestic hot water production.

The advantage of this system is to have a single plant user terminal for controlling and displaying the status of the entire system.

Module for the management of the radiant system

CLIMASET proposes the new generation of regulation for the management and control of radiant systems for heating or for heating/cooling, air changes and production of domestic hot water.

The architecture of the system allows the construction of single-zone and multi-zone systems managed by a single controller (apartments, villas, offices, …) and multi-zone systems distributed on a field bus (condominiums, school buildings, …).

The main features of the system are:

  • Modular system: the adjustment adapts to all types of small, medium and large systems.
  • Multi-milling machine: each regulator can manage up to four mixing valves.
  • Modularity / flexibility: the regulation can be distributed on the fieldbus to minimize the costs of electrical wiring.
  • Shared thermal power plant: the management of the devices in the thermal power plant can be centralized on a single controller (boiler call, chiller call, single external probe, etc.)
  • Air parts: the software manages air changes from time slots or with the VOC air quality probe, management of supply temperature limit with valve and / or shutter closing and freecooling management.
  • Integrated system management: the system can be extended and expanded with the Climaset regulation for the Solar Thermal and the Climaset regulation for the Heat Pumps.

Remote management of the plant – pCOWeb

CLIMASET has developed web pages for controlling the regulation of radiant systems. Thanks to a simple and intuitive graphic, at a glance you can:

  • view the system status,
  • view the operating status of the zones set on the pCO,
  • change the zone setpoints
  • change the management of time slots, off-road, etc.

These web pages are installed on the pCOWeb, a web server for the pCO with which the user can view through a browser the HTML pages dedicated to the application for the remote management of the unit.

The pages are responsive, they werw developed thinking not only of PC browsing, but also of smartphones and tablets. You can customize the main logo of the screen with your logo or with the customer’s logo (instead of the CLIMASET logo).

The radiant pCOWeb control is perfectly compatible with the PlantGate, the new CLIMASET system for remote plant management and remote assistance.

Find out how to have your system always in your pocket with pCOWeb + PlantGate: Home automation system for air conditioning systems.

Touch screen terminal – pGDx

CLIMASET proposes the pGDX for the management of radiant control. For this application a complete program for the user-side management of the plant has been developed. The pGDX gives a touch of class and refinement wherever it is installed.

Among other things, with pGDX for radiant control it is possible to:

  • view the system status and make the ON / OFF,
  • display the temperature and humidity of the zones configured on the pCO board,
  • see the name of the zones (set on the pCO),
  • display the outdoor temperature,
  • view and edit zone setpoints,
  • check out the away mode, the time slots and the offset,
  • see the active alarms and do a reset.

CLIMASET presents the regulation for air, water and geothermal heat pumps with domestic hot water production.

The adjustment consists of a series of control boards depending on the configuration, all with a single software that allows you to configure the system according to your needs.

The units can be installed in supervision systems, in home automation systems and can be integrated into the radiant system regulation system.

CLIMASET presents the solar thermal regulation module. The control board, very small (6 DIN modules), is equipped with a large semi-graphic display where you have complete control of the adjustment system and the possibility of a second wall-mounted LCD remote terminal.

The solar thermal module can operate independently both for the control of solar panels with the management of a bi-zone radiant system (with CLIMA chrono-thermo-humidistats), and to be integrated into the wider hydronic regulation system CLIMASET.

The main features of the system are:

  • eleven system configurations for solar panel management;
    pump control of solar panels with variable speed;
  • possibility to control the pump and the mixing valve of a radiant system in heating with activation from external thermostats;
  • possibility of controlling the pump and the mixing valve of a radiant system, single or dual zone, in heating and cooling with chrono-thermostats or chrono-thermo-humidistats CLIMA;
  • integration in the hydronic modular regulation system for radiant systems;
  • management of functions for the prevention of high system temperatures and alarms of connected devices