Programmable controllers

The pCO programmable controllers are created to handle applications and HVAC/R systems and are available in several sizes of boards depending on the number and type of inputs/outputs, the presence or absence of the built-in terminal, the presence or absence of USB ports or drivers for integrated electronic thermostats.

The pCO controllers adapt to any need, thanks to the wide range of applications available. With the 1tool software it is possible to develop customized applications, taking advantage of specific logics and algorithms (from the simplest to the most complex) for the world of cold and comfort. In particular, 1tool guarantees optimal management of the compressor throughout the life of the machine.

The pCO controllers can be easily interfaced with the most widespread supervisory systems on the market, using the main communication standards. The pCO can be connected to semigraphic or touch terminals, with the possibility of developing customized interfaces. Our programmable controllers can also be interfaced to the internet, allowing you to manage your plant or machine remotely.

PCO5 + controllers: faster, more powerful, more reliable.


Up to 10 universal channels individually configurable as input or output:
• NTC probe, PTC, PT100, PT500, PT1000,0 / 1V, 0 / 5V, 0 / 10V, 0 / 20mA, or 4 / 20mA.

 • clean digital input (standard and fast)
• analogue output (0 / 10V and PWM).


Up to 7 communication ports available with the most common protocols in HVAC/R applications for complete system management: pLAN, BMS1, BMS2, FieldBus1, FieldBus2, USB host, USB device.

Energy Saving

Up to 2 integrated EVDEVO drivers for the management of two independent EXV electronic expansion valves, ensuring reduced wiring and space. Moreover, without increasing the size of the pCO5, it is possible to install the Ultracap module, which guarantees the closing of the valve in the event of a power failure, eliminating the solenoid valve that was previously necessary to guarantee the circuit closing.

Cloud based

Ability to perform actions via the Web such as reading and writing of the variables of the unit, updating of the application software on board and Web server for browsing HTML customized pages, sending emails.


The pCO5 + is compatible with the two previous generations of the pCO family: pCO5 and pCO3. The pCO5 integrates a BIOS that emulates the functions of pCO3 and pCO5 thus allowing all manufacturers that today use pCO3 or pCO5 to replace it with a pCO5 reusing exactly the same software without any modification or recompilation.

Climaset: pCOe scheda espansione

pCOe Expansion board

To increase the pCO I / O number
keeping costs and  sizeunder control

Climaset: Driver valvola espansione elettronica


Elettronic expansion valve driver

To manage EXV CAREL o third part valves.

Climaset: Ultracap Ultracap (stand-alone and plug-in)

To guarantee the closing of the electronic valve in the event of a power failure.

Schede seriali

To connect our pCO with the most widespread comunication protocols.


Depliant della famiglia pCO5+ in formato PDF.

The c.pCO controller offers new specific functions to improve the efficiency of HVAC / R systems:

  • New Operating System – The new Multitasking Operating System ensures optimal use of system resources, extends the types of data that can be used in the development of the application (32-bit floating point numbers), increases the speed of execution of the application and allows a independent management of communication protocols.
  • Connectivity – c.pCO features two integrated Ethernet interfaces, three serial interfaces, two optional communication cards and two USB ports. A wide range of communication protocols is available (Modbus, Carel, BACnet, LON, Konnex, TCP / IP, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, NTP, SNMP and many others).
  • Cloud Services – “Plug & Play” solution to connect to the tERA cloud platform. All tERA services are available via a simple Ethernet connection to your residential or business network, without using any additional gateway devices.
  • Energy Saving – The c.pCO Medium model integrates two EVDEVO drivers for the control of the expansion valve with an optional Ultracap module, for an integrated management of energy saving.
  • Flexibility – c.pCO includes up to 10 universal I / O channels, ensuring maximum flexibility in the configuration of the inputs / outputs. Thanks to the Carel proprietary ASIC chip, the universal I / O channels can be configured independently as Analogue Inputs, Digital Inputs or Analog Outputs.
  • Retrocompatibility Hardware – c.pCO is pin-to-pin compatible with the pCO5 +, pCO5 and pCO3 controls.

Brochure of the pCO5+ board in PDF format.