Wellness/Steam Baths

From many years of experience in the humidification world CLIMASET offers different solutions for the control of Wellness systems of all sizes and types. We offer complete solutions for the management of steam rooms:

  • humiSteam wellness, autonomous steam generators with immersed electrodes,
  • Active temperature/humidity probes.

In addition to this, CLIMASET offers:

  • steam nozzles,
  • electronic controls with applications developed ad hoc,
  • heaterSteam and gaSteam humidifiers.

Steam humidifiers are the heart of steam baths and create ideal humidity and temperature conditions for the desired treatment.

humiSteam Wellness

humiSteam Wellness is an immersed electrode humidifier dedicated to steam baths. Some functions of this humidifier are:

  • daily and weekly time bands;
  • different temperature set points for time slots;
  • up to three actuators for the distribution of essences and one for the “sanitization” cycle;
  • up to two fans for the introduction and expulsion of external air;
  • management of interior lights.

The display-keypad unit can be separated from the humidifier and connected remotely.


heaterSteam excels in terms of performance, reliability and versatility. HeaterSteam, fed with demineralized water, eliminates the maintenance related to the cleaning of the boiler. The humidifier can still work with any type of water.


The gaSteam humidifier is powered by natural gas, a clean and economical energy source (saving up to 70% of the energy cost necessary for the normal operation of the Turkish bath).

gaSteam is the ideal choice for applications where steam is required for many hours a day, allowing a very short return on investment.