CAREL’s long experience in the field of Humidification, has made it possible to realize the range of gas-powered GaSteam humidifiers, a more cost-effective energy source than electric current.

The humidifiers were updated in the control, and the smaller model was brought to the capacity of 45 kg/h (however below the limit of 35 kW); So the current range is made up of models 45, 90 and 180 kg/h.

CAREL gas humidifiers can be supplied with both gas and LPG; and the change can be done through a simple modification to some parameters, without replacing parts.

CAREL has paid a lot of attention to the certification of GaSteam in order to guarantee the total safety of the product and to obtain all the most important certifications.

GaSteam is approved in compliance with European CE regulations, German TÜV regulations and American ETL standards.

For Europe the DVGW-specific certification for gas-operated machines has been obtained.

In addition to all this, GaSteam is homologated thanks to low NOx emissions as a Class 5 machine for the models UG045 and UG090, Class 4 for the Model UG180: This allows the installation also in countries where very strict standards are in force.


GaSteam is equipped with various security systems that include:

  • Pre-Mix chamber type burner with forced ventilation;
  • AIR/gas control valve with double safety lock;
  • Safety vacuum on the combustion air inlet;
  • Outlet flue temperature sensor, which allows to control any malfunction, and to indicate in advance an excessive accumulation of limestone on the exchanger;
  • Flame detector in the burner that closes the gas valve in case of malfunctions;
  • AFS patented anti-foam system in connection with the relative sensor;
  • Multi-stage water level sensor;
  • Automatic control system for the conductivity of water, to avoid corrosion phenomena.

Additional Plus

  • Continuous modulation 25-100% (12.5% for model 180 kg/h);
  • Low NOx emission;
  • Boiler and internal components in contact with water in stainless steel AISI 304L;
  • Pre-heating function for a superior response readiness;
  • Power supply with tao water or with demineralized water. The control is settable for the possible use of softened water, within the limits described in the reference tables;
  • Antifreeze function;
  • Accuracy ± 2% RH.