Immersed resistance humidification is present with increasing frequency where humidity must be controlled with great precision (museums, laboratories, clean rooms), where water quality is not constant or is problematic (for example in ships) and where we want to limit periodic maintenance as much as possible.

The heaterSteam range of immersed heater humidifiers includes models from 2 to 80 Kg/h of steam, and can operate with mains or demineralized drinking water. The use of demineralised water virtually reduces maintenance to zero.

heaterSteam process

The ideal solution for applications in which reliability and operating flexibility are
needed when feedwater characteristics not always under control.

  • Incoloy® 825 heaters;
  • fast installation using the wizard;
  • automatic thermal shock;
  • Modbus and BACnet™ protocols on the BMS and Ethernet ports;
  • USB port;
  • tERA ready;
  • preheating for rapid production.

heaterSteam titanium

The top of the range: extremely high precision, continuous humidity control
modulation and unprecedented reliability.

Exclusive functions to heaterSteam titanium:

  • titanium heaters;
  • built-in web server;
  • master/slave “endurance” function with redundancy and rotation;
  • wireless sensor reception;
  • Kevlar scale removal sack;
  • thermally insulated cylinder.

HeaterSteam depliant in PDF format.