humiSteam “Wellness”

humiSteam Wellness is the immersed electrode steam humidifier that CLIMASET recommends for steam baths. HumiSteam Wellness uses tap water to produce steam.

The humidifier is controlled by a pCO, easily interfaced to other systems thanks to protocols such as MODBUS, BACNET and LON with external gateway. The terminal can be separated from the humidifier and connected remotely.

humiSteam allows you to manage:

  • the operating time bands (daily and weekly);
  • different temperature setpoints and time bands;
  • up to three actuators for the essences one for the sanitization cycle,
  • up to two fans and the interior light of the cabin;
  • the hour meter and alarm history, useful for maintenance.

HumiSteam Wellness depliant in PDF format.

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