Seasoning rooms

CLIMASET proposes the regulation for the complete control of any seasoning room.

The regulation kit consists of a pCO3 small or medium controller, depending on the configuration to be used, and a user interface to view all the parameters of the control. The user interface can be a semigrapich pGD1 mounted on a wall or a panel display with a large viewing area. CLIMASET also provides temperature, humidity and pressure probes.

The main characteristics of the cold room control kits are:

  • Operation of fixed setpoints and dripping phase.
  • Cell operation with programs/phases. Up to 10 programs can be pre-configured each with up to 10 phases plus the initial drip phase and final maintenance.
  • Cell management with pause/work periods.
  • Management of air spare parts and energy saving that allows exploiting external conditions if favorable.
  • Management of the temperature and humidity of the cell. Possibility to configure any type of device to control the cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification of the cell.
  • Possibility to configure defrosting or not with different operating modes (electric defrosting, water, hot gas and air) start cycles of cyclical defrosting by time or by time slots;
  • Control of all alarms with alarm history.
  • Possibility of connection with supervision and remote assistance networks, with CAREL or MODBUS protocol, via RS485. By using special extension cards, it is also possible to use other communication protocols.