The humiSteam are immersed electrode humidifiers whose operation is based on a very simple physical principle.

Since the drinking water contains a certain amount of dissolved mineral salts, and is therefore slightly conductive, applying a voltage to the metal electrodes immersed in it, an electric current passage is obtained which heats the water (Joule effect) until boiling, producing steam proportional to the applied electric current.

humiSteam is suitable for installation in civil environments, offices, hospitals, industrial plants and for use in steam baths and is designed both for installation in the environment, with ventilated diffuser of steam, and for installations in air duct, with linear steam distributor.

The main characteristics of humiSteam humidifiers can be summarized in the following points with respect to the resistance and gas humidifiers of which they are complementary:

  • Excellent price/performance level;
  • They work with tap water;
  • They require easy periodic replacement (or cleaning) of the steam cylinders;
  • They have AFS system (Anti Foaming Sistem) that detects and manages the foam to avoid the emission of drops together with steam;
  • Integrated conductivity sensor and control sofware to optimize energy efficiency and maintenance costs with constant performance over the life of the cylinder.

HumiSteam depliant in PDF format.