Cold rooms

CLIMASET offers numerous solutions for the control of low temperature and high temperature refrigeration. Our software is able to manage a cold room both with an autonomous refrigerating unit and whether the cell is connected to a centralized system (both an expansion system and a glycol system).

The program controls the temperature, humidity, defrosts, alarms and timing of the entire system; it can be connected to a supervision system with RS485 network (multiprotocol). The CLIMASET application can be interfaced using pGD1 semigraphic (remoted or built-in) terminals and the new pGDX touch interface.

The main characteristics of the cold room control kits are:

  • Cold control: the cell cooling device can be an autonomous compressor for the cell, a valve or a solenoid required cooling or a modulating valve;
  • Heat control: the device for heating the cell can be an electrical resistance or an On / Off device or a modulating valve;
  • Dehumidification and humidification control: for dehumidification, you can choose whether it should be done to the heating device or the cooling device. The humidification of the cell can be done with a consent to an On / Off humidifier;
  • Defrosting Control and Multi-Evaporator Management;
  • Integration with supervision systems: our cell program can be managed by supervisors such as BOSS and PlantWatchPRO3.

Other functions of the CLIMASET cell are the count of the hours of operation, the history of the alarms and events and the management of the cell light.