Air handling units

CLIMASET srl proposes regulation kits for air handling units (AHUs).

Our kits are composed by the regulation or also by the electrical panel tailor-made for the AHU to manage. Together with the regulation we provide:

  • temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality probes;
  • protection devices such as differential pressure switches and flow switches;
  • inverters;
  • adiabatic and isothermal humidifiers;
  • evaporative cooling systems.

The control software is completely configurable and pliable according to the AHU, below we report the main functions:

  • various models of supply and return air fans, ON/OFF and modulating;
  • external shutter control, mixture and expulsion;
  • cooling and heating control using PID algorithms with battery management;
  • freecooling/freeheating in temperature and enthalpy;
  • heat recovery management;
  • cascade control of the different devices;
  • humidity regulation with dehumidification and isothermal and adiabatic humidification;
  • alarm management with historical;
  • management of up to four time slots per day (management of days of the week and special days);
  • four generic control loops for auxiliary functions;
  • connectable to supervisory systems;

The program is customizable thanks to the 1tool development environment, you can personalize the software or integrate different systems.