Protection and signaling devices

CLIMASET offers a complete set of signaling devices to protect your system, avoiding downtime, damage or risks to personnel.

Phase sequence controllers (RSF)

The RSF modules control the correct presence and sequence of the input phases L1, L2 and L3 and measure the voltage of the three phases. They are equipped with an output relay which is energized only if the sequence is correct and if each individual phase falls within a range corresponding to ± 10% of the rated voltage (depending on the model). The devices have compact and modular dimensions (DIN).

Antifreeze thermostat

The CAREL antifreeze thermostat manages the protection of heat exchangers and electric heaters in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and checks that the temperature does not fall below a critical value. The thermostat also offers self-protection in the event of a fault of the sensitive element.

Air flow switch

The flow switch id designed to control the flow of air or non-aggressive gases inside the distribution ducts of air conditioning or air air handling units.

Flood detector

The anti-flooding device is used to detect the presence of water in an environment. This sensor is generally used for the protection against flooding of critical infrastructures such as calculation centers, offices, laboratories, etc. When the sensor is reached by the water it signals an alarm, switching a relay.

Level sensor

The level sensor is a device that detects the amount of refrigerant present in the exchanger. A resistive value proportional to the measured level is supplied to the output.
The output must be connected to a Carel electronic control set up for operation. The sensor is made of stainless steel able to withstand extreme working conditions.

Smoke and fire detector

Smoke and fire detectors detect sudden and dangerous temperature changes or increased smoke. These detectors self-calibrate, they do not lose sensitivity as they adapt to environmental conditions.

Combined light and presence sensor

Sensors for ambient light detection and presence detection, to be used in conjunction with Carel or third-party electronic controls. Its use allows intelligent management of electrical loads, allowing rationalization of consumption and energy savings.