Active temperature and humidity probes

The range of temperature and humidity probes, with active signal, offered by CLIMASET are compatible with all CAREL controls and with the most widespread world standards.

Active by immersion

For applications in cooling and heating circuits, in direct contact with the controlled fluid.

Compact temperature and humidity sensor

The compact sensor is used where it is necessary to measure the temperature and humidity for the HVAC market, and in particular:

  • Air treatment units;
  • Air-air heat recovery units;
  • Computer room air conditioning unit (CRAC), perimeter or in row units;

Outdoor electronic sensors

Used in conjunction with heat pumps to compensate the water set point according to the outside temperature and the management of the climatic zones, and in combination with the air handling units to know the outside temperature;

Universal active probes:

Probes used in many fields, remotely up to 200 meters.

Conducting probes

They differ for mounting, for the type of signal output and for the models: temperature, humidity or combined. Versions with temperature output with resistive NTC are also available

Wall Serial Probes with RS485 serial output/with analogue output

Save on installation costs, reduce connections and simplify connections as a large number of probes can be connected together on the same serial channel: maximum 32 units.

PDF table for active/ Air quality CAREL probes.