Sensor pressure transducer

CLIMASET offers a wide range of pressure transducers and differential pressure sensors that can be used in any refrigeration and air conditioning application.

The pressure sensors (precise, reliable and resistant) can be used both for reading the pressure in the circuits containing any type of gas (can also be used in systems with ammonia) and for reading the water pressure.

  • Pressure transducers with 4..20 mA signal
    Used in refrigeration and air conditioning, they can be used anywhere, even with ammonia and water. Available with various reading ranges, steel body both male and female, IP65 / IP67 protection rating, operating temperature -25 … 80 ° C (male connection) / -40 … 135 ° C (female attack).
  • Ratiometric pressure transducers 0 … 5 V
    Used in refrigeration and air conditioning, they can be used with many types of refrigerant gas (they are incompatible with ammonia and with glycol water). Available with various reading ranges, brass body with female connection, protection rating IP65 / IP67, operating temperatures -40 … 135 ° C. Solder models are also available.
  • Differential pressure transducers
    The differential pressure sensor is used to measure the positive or negative pressure difference with respect to atmospheric pressure, or to measure the difference of two different pressure in the environment with clean air. The sensors are used for typical applications in cleanrooms, medical rooms, ventilation in air conditioning ducts, spray booths, large catering systems, to monitor the cleaning of the filters, for the level measurement or for the activation of the inverter. The transducers are suitable for working and measuring the differential pressure measurement for environments in the presence of air or other non-aggressive and corrosive gases.