Retardation Rooms

CLIMASET proposes the regulation for the control of retardation rooms.

The regulation kit consists of a control board, a user interface from which to view all the parameters of the control, temperature and humidity probes.

The control board is equipped with the CLIMASET retarder program, which provides complete management of the temperature, humidity, alarms and timing of the entire system. The main features of the program are:

  • Operation of the retarder chamber with manual operation.
  • Operation of the retarder-proof cell with automatic operation with 4-cycle programs plus an infinite duration maintenance.
  • Management of cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification with independent setpoints for each phase of automatic or manual operation.
  • Defrost management (automatically or by manual forcing). The defrosting operation modes can be resistors or hot gas.
  • Management of all system alarms

The user interface consists of the pGD1 semi-graphic wall and panel terminal with a large display area. The CLIMASET retarder program can be connected to supervision systems such as the BOSS or PlantWatchPRO3 with the CAREL or MODBUS protocol according to the RS485 standard.