MC Multizone

The MC Multizone adiabatic humidification system is ideal for humidifying medium / large industrial environments with considerable air volumes.

The operating principle of the system is to use compressed air to spray the water in very fine droplets, which evaporate in the air spontaneously humidifying and cooling it.

In fact, evaporation occurs with the “absorption” of the heat sensible to the air which consequently cools.

The MC Multizone system consists of one or more cabinets, a master cabinet with the terminal and up to 5 slaves connected to each other via the pLAN.

Cabinets are available in several sizes based on maximum humidification capacity.

Each of the cabinets is then connected to the compressed air line, supplied by an external compressor, and to the water line which, through the atomizing nozzles, available in different sizes, diffuse the nebulized water into the duct or directly into the rooms.

MC Multizone ensures a very high level of hygiene thanks to the automatic emptying of the water lines at each machine stop and thanks to the automatic periodic washing of the water lines during inactivity, thus avoiding spraying stagnant water.

Also available are a water filter and a sturdy UV lamp sanitizer to be installed upstream of the MC Multizone to help eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and yeasts that may be present in water.