humiDisk is a robust humidifier that uses a rotating disk to atomise the water and transform it into millions of tiny drops that, pushed by a fan, are introduced into the environment where they evaporate, humidifying and cooling the air.

humiDisk is a humidification system that is simple, economical and easy to maintain, with energy consumption of only 230W for the 6.5 Kg/h model and only 31W for a 1 Kg/h model.

humiDisk can work either with line water, or with water, or with treated water. The quantity and quality of minerals dissolved in the water affect the frequency of maintenance operations and the amount of dust generated.

For optimal use we recommend the use of demineralized water (not softened because it does not reduce the mineral content); it is however suggested to follow the provisions of the UNI8884 regulation.

The advantages of humiDisk humidifiers are:

  • Simplicity: only the 230Vac power supply and the water loading and unloading line can be operated, and control via On/Off contact.
  • Igenically safe: very small tank of water (only 55ml), machine wash cycle (washing at each cycle start with CAREL electrical panels) and emptying at the end of the cycle.
  • Modularity: it is possible to control 1 or 2 humiDisk65 in parallel with a control panel or up to 10 humiDisk10 with the Carel humidistat.