CLIMASET offers HumiSonic ultrasonic humidifiers to save up to 90% of electricity compared to steam humidifiers. HumiSonic consumes less than 80 W of electricity for one kilogram of evaporated water, against the 750 W of the classic steam solutions.

Some advantages over traditional humidifiers are:

  • Accuracy: Control of relative humidity up to ± 1% on the set point;
  • Absorption efficiency: The drops, large just 1 µ, evaporate immediately;
  • Easy installation: In the basic configuration humiSonic is a Plug and play solution;
  • Maximum Hygiene: No water recirculation and periodic washing;
  • HumiSonic is guaranteed for 10,000 hours of operation when supplied with demineralized water;

The new HumiSonic range consists of three versions:

  • humiSonic Compact, so small to fit in a fan-coil;
  • humiSonic Direct, for distribution in the environment, ready to be installed directly in the environment to be moistened;
  • humiSonic ventilation, adiabatic humidification for small ducts.

humiSonic depliant in PDF format.