Driver for electronic expansion valves

CLIMASET offers EVD drivers for the control of any Carel EEV and of other manufacturers. In addition to keeping the desired superheat value stable, these drivers give great plant engineering flexibility by being able to manage a wide range of refrigerant gases in various types of machines and plants. The CAREL EVD drivers guarantee high efficiency, simplicity and protection of the compressor.


EVD Evolution has a new simpler user interface, with an intuitive programming procedure to start the regulation by selecting the used refrigerant, valve model, type of pressure probe and type of application (if you use the device to adjust Carel valves, just select three parameters).

Other features are:

  • Overheating regulation with auxiliary protections for high pressure, low pressure and low superheat.
  • Use of pressure transducers with 4 … 20mA output or ratiometric pressure transducers
  • Possibility to configure special operations (hot gas by-pass, transcritical CO2 gas cooler, positioner, etc.)
  • Removable displays with programming key function (to copy/paste and restore parameters) available in various languages.

With the CAREL ExV series electronic expansion valves, the EVD evolution driver optimizes evaporator operation and achieves great energy savings.


EVD Evolution Twin is a control that encloses, in a single compact electronics (only 4 DIN modules), two drivers for bipolar stepping motor that allows to drive independently two electronic expansion valves. Each driver allows to regulate the superheat of the refrigerant and to optimize the performance of refrigeration circuits independently; it is compatible with various types of refrigerants and valves, in applications and machines for air conditioning or refrigeration.


Ultracap is an optional additional module for EVD Evolution series drivers that ensures complete closing of the valves even in case of sudden power failure.