Electronic expansion valves

CLIMASET supplies electronic expansion valves for cooling capacity up to 2000 kW in the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors. These EEVs manage control in flow regulation even at the lowest flow rates.

The standard design process for CAREL ExV valves includes life-cycle tests of 1*106 cycles; they are certified according to the main regulations, the respect of which guarantees the highest quality of the products. The testing of 100% of the units in production provides an additional guarantee of reliability over time and valve tightness.

Our electronic expansion valves offer precision in the regulation, guaranteed by the Carel electronic control instruments, designed to optimize the management of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, with particular attention to energy saving. These valves offer a significant reduction in energy losses in the start-up phase of the system.

Accuracy, a perfect coolant seal and the use of high quality materials are some of the strengths of the ExV valves. The range of our electronic expansion valves is very wide to meet every installation need.

Comparative table of models and sizes in PDF format.