µChiller is the solution for the complete management of chiller units and air/water and water/water heat pumps with on-off compressors and/or DC compressors.

Main characteristics of µChiller:

  • integrated management of BLDC compressor and electronic valve,
  • integrated connectivity to supervisory systems,
  • Dedicated APP for installer / maintenance technician, also for the first start-up of the machine (Carel APPLICA),
  • Integrated double row LED display,
  • possibility of having the pGDX as a machine or remote terminal,
  • Compatibility with natural refrigerants and low GWP mixtures.

With µChiller it is possible to completely control the high efficiency unit to improve its performance and reduce energy consumption. As an example:

  • Increases in the machine’s COP during partial load operation, which result in higher seasonal efficiency values,
  • Complete control of the compressor envelope,
  • Advanced DC inverter compressor management with EEV synchronization and protections.


The APPLY application for Smartphones and Tablets has been designed to simplify the start-up and maintenance operations of the Chiller / HP units: just download the application on the smartphone and connect via Bluethoot / NFC to the µChiller, without further wiring.

Thanks to APPLICA it is possible to configure the machine, exchange information with a remote service, receive alerts in case of alarms. In addition, in the case of market news, updating the APP is sufficient, to ensure continuity of operation even in machines already installed.

The APPLICA APP is available on Google Play and App Store.

Leaflet of the μChiller in PDF format.