IR33 universal

CLIMASET s.r.l. offers the IR33 universal for temperature, pressure and humidity control. In addition to air conditioning, refrigeration and heating units, these parametric controllers can also be used in other applications, as they support the most diverse types of sensors.

The universal IR33 are divided into two families:

  • The first for two temperature-only probes (NTC, NTC-HT, PTC, PT1000)
  • The second for two temperature probes with longer ranges (NTC, NTC-HT, PTC, PT100, PT1000, J/K thermocouples with insulated bulb), for pressure and humidity transducers or for generic signal transmitters (voltage inputs 0 … 1V, 0 … 10V, -0.5 … 1.3V, 0 … 5V ratiometric or in current 0…20mA, 4…20mA).

Some important features are:

  • PiD regulation with autotuning,
  • two independent control loops,
  • the management of the clock for the historicization of alarms,
  • work cycles.
  • two configurable digital inputs.
  • IR receiver and buzzer,
  • real time clock (on some models only).

Models are available for panel or DIN rail, with power supply 115…230 Vac, 12…24 Vac, Vdc or 24 Vac/Vdc.

IR33 universal brochure in PDF format.