In environments where you live and work, ensuring proper humidity is not a luxury but a factor of well-being, health and productivity.

Moisture control protects furniture and wooden floors, paintings and antiques from damage caused by dry air.

compactSteam is the new proposal for the humidification of prestigious residential environments, and professional studios or small businesses.

Great attention has been paid to installation in non-technical environments; the electrical and hydraulic connections can be completely hidden from view, and the temperature of the waste water does not exceed 60 ° C.

The main features of the compactSteam are:

  • elegant and discreet design, easy to insert in any environment;
  • integrated steam distributor, with adjustable fins and extremely silent fan:
  • large graphic LCD display of immediate comprehension;
  • functionality, safety and ease of use at the highest levels of the market;
  • models from 1.6 to 3.2 kg/h.