Never as in this period have the aspects of air sanitization become fundamental, especially in air conditioning in the light of the latest laws. CLIMASET s.r.l. offers a certified product that solves this problem in a simple and effective way, even in the case of retrofits on air ducts and air handling units.

BIOXIGEN is the certified sanitizing solution against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19: the LAB ANALYSIS laboratory in Pavia has tested and certified the virucidal activity of the Bioxigen device. In addition, the product is active against:

  • Viruses and molds
  • Fungi and bacteria
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen, spores and allergens

Certifications of the BIOXIGEN system:

The range of BIOXIGEN sanitizing products is wide and satisfies all air conditioning, tertiary and residential applications.

For air ducts/AHU

BIOXAIR is the sanitization system of the air ducts/AHU which allows to reduce the microbial load in the air and on surfaces using the tested and certified Bioxigen air ionization technology, reducing the risks of contagion due to bacterial proliferation and limiting the occurrence of mold.


BIOXAIR products are applicable in both new and existing constructions and must be sized according to the air flow rate, the size of the ducts and the purposes of the project.

More details on the BIOXAIR system:

For environments

BIOXIGEN is also available to sanitize the environment of your home, office, workplace, thereby improving the quality of life.

The range consists of TRIS, MAIA, SFERA, MISTRAL, PURHO: each of these products has been designed for a specific air volume.

More details on BIOXIGEN for environments: