rTM CAREL Wireless sensors

The rTM SE system allows you to monitor temperature, humidity, brightness and electricity consumption.
The system can be used in any place where the infrastructures do not allow the installation of a wired network and can be combined with programmable controllers or CAREL supervisory systems.

The devices that make up the rTM SE system are:

  • Battery-powered sensors (two versions for two specific requirements);
    – Temperature sensor to be placed inside the refrigerated counter, BP SE version (Built-in Probe);
    – Sensor with two external NTC probes and two digital inputs, version EP SE (External Probe) for counters and cold rooms;
  • Sensor powered at 12 … 24Vac;
    Sensor with two external NTC probes and two digital inputs, version EP1 / Router SE (External Probe) for counters and cold rooms. This device works like the EP SE probe and also integrates the combined Router function;
  • Access point;
    Radio receiver that collects the data of the different sensors of the ZigBee ™ network, sending them to the CAREL supervisors or to the pCO sistema boards, via a RS485 serial network with Modbus® RTU protocol.
  • Router;
    To amplify the coverage area of ​​the system and to use if the distance between Sensor and Access Point / Router is over 30 m or if there are particular difficulties in transmitting the Wi-Fi network caused by walls or various obstacles.

What are the advantages of this system? The great strength is the elimination of electrical connections. The system is also suitable in those circumstances where you can not make changes to the electrical system and / or structure (museums, old buildings, etc. ..). The installation of the rTM SEs is quick and easy, and in case of subsequent modification to the system the various components of the system are easy to move and/or integrate.