Climaset: PlantWatchPRO3

CLIMASET proposes the PlantwatchPRO3 as a solution for simple use and installation to be used on small-scale plants such as local markets, service areas, discount stores.

The PlantwatchPRO3 offers a large color touch screen display from which with a simple “touch” you can configure the system, view the status of the main instrument sizes, consult the graphs and the alarms.

PlantwatchPRO3 also guarantees compliance with HACCP regulations by recording critical plant data and the possibility to export reports in different formats.

Main features of the PlantwatchPRO3:

  • Touch screen
    Large color touch screen display for quick and easy viewing/setting of information.
  • Compact
    Compact solution for technical environments without moving parts with IP65 degree of protection for installation in damp and aggressive environments.
  • Multilingual
    A single solution available in several languages.
  • Multiprotocol
    Carel and Modbus® protocols already resident for the integration of different instruments and usable independently on the two RS485 serial networks.
    Alarm management and storage of critical data according to the standard required by the law.
  • USB
    The USB port allows you to download data in Microsoft® Office Excel format to allow data analysis.
  • Scheduler
    It allows you to configure notification actions in the event of an alarm via SMS, e-mail and timed actions such as turning on lights and defrosts.
  • WEB
    Easily connected to the Internet and web server functionality.
  • Accessibility
    Its graphical Web interface allows remote access via PC, smartphone or tablet.