pGD Touch

Design, connectivity and personalization, all in one touch …

The pGD Touch terminals represent a range of graphic touch screen displays designed to make human-machine interaction simple and intuitive, making navigation between the various screens easier.

Climaset: terminali pGD Touch

Graphic Performance

Climaset: pGD7_c

  • Transparency management for graphic objects with a high aesthetic standard
  • Object management with vector graphics
  • Pop-pup management and special pages

Climaset: pGD7_f

  • Historicization and trend in real time of the graphs.

Climaset: pGD7_a

  • wide range of graphic objects in the development environment.

PGD Touch architecture

The pGD Touch range has been designed for high-level applications requiring touch screen technology combined with a sophisticated design and high connectivity.

pGDTouch offers a wide range of versions, which differ in terms of display size and connectivity, allowing you to meet all the solutions of applications in the HVAC / R world:

  • TFT display 65000 colors
  • Full Touch Screen, LED backlit

Resolutions from:

  • 4.3 inc 480X272 (WVGA)
  • 7.0 inc 800X480 (WVGA)
  • 10.4 inc 640X480 (VGA)

Degree of electrical protection:

  • IP65


Climaset: pGD7_hd

Climaset: pGD7_n

Connection schemes

In serial communication, pGD Touch uses the most common protocols in the HVAC / R market (Modbus®, BACnet ™) and thanks to this, it is possible to connect and manage not only CAREL products but also third-party devices. The remote connection is also guaranteed by the ethernet port to manage the system service in a simple and fast way.

Climaset: pGD7_o

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