Home automation system for air conditioning systems

Remote management via pCOWeb allows you to:

  • View the temperatures and humidity of your rooms,
  • View the status of the devices (heads, pumps, mixing valves, …) installed in the system,
  • View the anomalies present in the system with the possibility of alarm notification by e-mail,
  • Modify the desired temperature and humidity set points in each individual room,
  • Switch on/off and change the operating mode (summer/winter),
  • Set the time bands and operating periods of the system (day/night, holiday, …).

pCOWeb: Optional pCOSistema card

  • BMS card: the pCOWeb is a serial card that is to be inserted in the BMS card slot of the pCO Sistema controllers,
  • Ethernet port: allows the interface of the pCO cards on Ethernet networks,
  • WebServer: the integrated webserver allows the display of HTML pages directly from your browser,
  • BACnet: used for interfacing with supervisory systems with BACnet protocol on an Ethernet network,
  • Modbus TCP/IP: allows interfacing with supervision systems that use the Modbus protocol on an Ethernet network,
  • New Memory and New Processor: The new processor guarantees 10 times higher performance and the new memory is 100 times larger than the previous pCOWeb cards.

The simple and intuitive user interface is compatible with any device. Examples of screens visible from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones:

Our web interface it is also available for PC:


What is PlantGate????

PlantGate is a Web Application that allows you to safely access through the browser to devices that are part of your system, without compromising the security of the network.

With PlantGate you don’t need a static IP.

pCOWeb + Plant Gate= IoT

Your system always in your pocket anywhere in the world.


  • NO STATIC IP: PlantGate gives the possibility to connect to your system and Router without the constraint of having a static IP,
  • GEOLOCATION: with PlantGate you can manage plants distributed throughout the world,
  • SAFETY: PlantGate notifies and warns you if the connection to your system falls (eg if there is no power supply at your home). The data transmission is encrypted and uses the HTTPS protocol,
  • ALARMS: PlantGate will forward you the e-mails of the alarms present in the system.