Data acquisition modules

CLIMASET provides systems for data acquisition of your machines to supervisory systems. Our systems are used for reading temperatures, humidity, pressure, device states and alarm signals. The proposed solutions are designed to reduce space and costs in plant control and supervision.

6 inputs

I/O Module (compact module with 4 DIN modules) is able to manage up to 6 configurable inputs. It can manage NTC inputs, 4 … 20 mA, ratiometric probes, opto-isolated voltage digital inputs and / or clean contacts.

Communication in RS485 with CAREL protocol with supervision systems such as BOSS or PlantWatchPRO3.

10 inputs

Climaset: multiregolatore universale

Acquisition module, on 6 DIN modules, able to read up to 10 configurable inputs. It is possible to manage digital inputs (clean contact), NTC and/or NTC HT sensors (for high temperatures), 0 … 1Vdc signal sensors, 0 … 5V ratiometric, 0 … 10Vdc, 0 … 20mA, 4 … 20mA and PT1000 probes.

Compatible with BOSS and PlantWatchPRO3 supervision systems both in CAREL protocol and in MODBUS RTU protocol, and compatible with third-party systems using MODBUS RTU protocol.