CLIMASET regulation for cold rooms

Our Cold Room Control solution increases performance and connectivity with these four axes:

  1. pGD1 / pGDX: new user interfaces
  2. pCO5 +: new family of programmable controllers
  3. pCOWeb: connect the cell to …
  4. BOSS: new supervision system

1 – pGD1 / pGDX: new user interfaces

pGD1 Semigraphic Terminal

Semitic LCD display (132×64 pixels), white backlit

ICONS: immediate and intuitive visualization thanks to ICONS that display the cell status.

pGDX Touch Screen 4.3 “


  • 4.3 “TFT LCD display (480×272 wide), 65000 colors, backlit
  • Status bar with 8 colors
  • Glass effect frames in two colors (White or Black)
  • Connection with RJ12 or RS485
  • Power supply from pCO (max 2 meters with RJ12) or external power supply via PGTA00TRX0 module
  • Models with degree of protection IP30 or IP65 and working range 0 … 50 ° C or -20 … 60 ° C
  • PGD1 emulator already installed. The pGDX can be used as a substitute in the applications made for pGD1.
  • GRAPHICS customized on request

2 – pCO5 +: Programmable controller


  • Processor: more power, more memory, more speed
  • Range: Available in various sizes
  • Portability and Retrofit: Pin to pin cards compatible with the pCO cards of the previous series
  • Connectivity: 5 serial ports for connecting devices and sensors via fieldbus and supervisory systems

The pCO5 + guarantees the backwards compatibility Hardware (‘Pin To Pin’) & Application software with the pCO5.

3- pCOWeb: connect the system to …

pCOWeb: Serial card with Multi-Protocol connection


  • Integrated WebServer: possibility to upload dedicated and customized HTML pages
  • e-Mail: possibility to send e-mails for alarm signals
  • Communication with pCO board with Carel protocol or extended Modbus
  • Multi-Protocol Gateway: Modbus TCP / IP, BACNET over IP, SNMP …

4- BOSS: your plant is just a click away

BOSS: New Supervision System.


  • New electronics with no moving parts enclosed in a robust case
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Accessibility from any device (PC, table or smartphone) from the first moment
  • Multi-protocol: Carel, Modbus and BACNET
  • Life signal management and alarm e-mail forwarding
  • Navigation security through https
  • Access security with multi-user verification
  • Numerous plug-ins available.