CLIMASET offers BOSS as a solution for the supervision, monitoring and tele-assistance of medium and large systems.

BOSS is the new mobile ready local supervisor: the shell and the supervision part automatically adapt to navigation from computers, tablets and smartphones.

The integrated Wi-Fi allows access to the supervision system from your device even without the presence of other network infrastructures from the first moment.

The BOSS incorporates all the functionality of the PlantVisorPRO with substantial innovations, and also introduces for the first time in the world of Carel supervisors the BACnet protocol, leader in HVAC supervision applications. This allows the integration of third-party devices and the integration of bosses within BMS systems.

The heat dissipation of the BOSS is ensured by a robust aluminum body and this allows the installation of BOSS in many technical environments and beyond.

BOSS has been developed with safety in mind: the HTTPS protocol guarantees the confidential transfer of data on the web. The part of webshell (area reserved for the installer for the basic configuration of installation on the site) is now accessible via the internet via HTTPS on a dedicated port. The operating system has also been customized to guarantee system reliability.

In BOSS, user interfaces can be graphically customized according to the type and mode of use of the information by the various users. With c.web you can create maps and layouts that accurately represent the system status. With vector graphics, layouts adapt to all the screen sizes of the device you are browsing from (PC, tablet or smartphone).

BOSS depliant in PDF format.