7” pGDX touch display

The 7” pGDX touch display is the evolution of the pGD Touch.

From aesthetics to performance, from simplicity of use to consistency with the past, everything in this display is designed to simplify the interaction with the user.

The terminal has an LED bar for notifications: at any time and without having to approach the display it is possible to view the status of the machine. Each color can correspond to a state or alarm, up to a maximum of eight different notifications, with a maximum of eight colors.

The 7-inches pGDX can be placed either on the front panel or on the wall (embossment and recess), to save space and increase the aesthetic result.

This 7” terminal can also be equipped with a temperature and humidity probe on board: these data can then be used by the pCO controllers or shown on the display.

The terminal has with a front microUSB port.

Thanks to the new c.touch graphic tool, it is possible to develop projects for the terminal to manage the programs on the pCO boards.